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Cirque Skills Pathway CIC is an Alternative Provision School operating on a part time basis.


The aim of Cirque is to re-engage its students into education and progression to employment, training or further education.  Admission will be through the referral process outlined in this policy.  Referrals may be made at any time throughout the year.


Number of places available


The School will provide education for up to 64 part time students aged 11-16


Registration arrangements


We work with Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Schools, PRU, full time Alternative Provisions and DCST. to support permanent exclusions and finding an alternative solution to students who may have been excluded permanently or at risk of expulsion.


Students will be on the main roll/register of their principal school/academy, however attend Cirque 2-4 days per week. This is not a full time provision. Cirque will report attendance daily and liaise with members of staff and support agencies in relation to behaviour, progress and any issues relating to safeguarding.


Students will be expected to adhere to our behaviour and attendance policy whilst in our provision.


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